Monday, August 8, 2011

Recipe for Family Night - Sort of

This week, family night happened more in sections than in one planned event. I know, I know, we're such planned and non-spontaneous people. Also, we didn't have a whole lot of adventurous, home cooked presentations of scrumptiousness like hush puppies or peanut butter fudgy tough cookies. I did experiment with red, white, and blue cookies yesterday, but that was just one part of the discombobulated series of events of the weekend!

Family night started Friday night with Marc and I not really being in the mood for either cooking or Friday night church, so we decided to go out to dinner. Not only could we not come up with anything that we were in the mood for, other than food because we were hungry, we had a couple of hurdles to overcome. Aidan fell asleep as soon as he sat down to watch TV after school. We woke him up with the offer of getting to wear his cowboy boots to dinner, but then he was out again.

And again in the car...

and Alec didn't want his picture taken (what?!).
We thought we were going to a burger joint when we got a recommendation to hit up Angus Inn on Main Street in Broken Arrow. Correction, I thought we were going to a burger joint. Otherwise I might have thought twice about the cowboy and camo boot attire on the littles.

Chandelier on the patio? Wait, are we in the right place?

Yes, I think so. It appears they have Shirley Temples!

And fantastic fried provelone with raspberry chili dipping sauce! Alec loved the crawfish.

Aidan the Barbarian enjoyed cutting his bread and eating it with the knife.

And get out of here with some amazing blackberry cobbler!

And secrets between bubbies. Awe.

The next morning I awoke as if from a coma, I'd slept so hard. A long week of unexpected drama and half-slept nights (with littles sneaking in my bed) had caught up with me I guess. I think we all woke up feeling much more like ourselves because we were in the mood for a big breakfast. I needed to run to the store for more soy milk so I could make pancakes, and while I was there I decided we needed some flowers to brighten up the kitchen table.

What is it about flowers that can make a rotten day sparkle?

Yummy, slab cut bacon and turkey sausage patties!

Chocolate chip pancakes by request of Aidan. Sweet peppers frying in the pan next to them for omelette's a la Marc. I so wish I could be like ashley ann and make all my pancakes from scratch, but I must confess: Bisquick is my friend.

A little visit from Alec the friendly ghost.

Happy Campers!
Note: Alec chose Eggos instead of homemade pancakes.

Happy mama with a yummy omelet!

Me: "Alec, what's that?"
Alec: "A bacon sausage."


Sometimes the perfect family time is filled with imperfections. Scratch sometimes for usually. Those are the times I cherish. The bacon sausage, the misjudged outfits, the losing count of how many pieces of breakfast meat your four year old eats or the fact your five year old is covered with melted chocolate. We had a great time at our not-so-burger-joint and make-up-for-it breakfast. Even Family Night can be an adventure when you're making it up as you go along!

Here's to discombobulation!


Dani said...

I love this post! It's like I can hear you talking in my head as I read it.

Discombobulation for sure! Love it!

Missy Rose said...

discombobulation is a fantasmic word!


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