Thursday, August 18, 2011

Recipe for Family Day

This last weekend, we were without the littles (and have been all week actually) and only spent an afternoon with the bigs. Sometimes schedules are hairy, you know! Anyhoo, we didn't have any big outings or super intense cooking experiments - but we did have a great time, and we did make cookies!

As we were on our way to the store with the kiddos, Marc asked if we had the ingredients for cookies at the house. I said, "sure, what kind of cookies do you want to make?" Carter wanted something with caramel in it, and Corrinne seemed to rattle off everything she could think of. I remembered that I had several partial bags of different flavored baking chips from all the times we've made fondue and mentioned the idea of making something like an "everything-but-the-kitchen-sink" cookie. I thought we could just throw in a little bit of everything - then Marc said, "why don't we just do make-your-own-cookie cookies?"

Brilliant! The kids were excited, and so were we. So after throwing together some more of our new family favorites: hushpuppies and shrimp po'boys, we got to whipping up our afternoon adventure!

Me, mixing up the cookie dough. I could do a whole dissertation
on the hilarity of this photo, but instead I'll beg you to focus on
the cookie making only!

Meanwhile, Dad and the bigs play Wii. Again, please disregard
the severely neglected half paint job.

C & C pick out what they want in their cookies.
They both wanted caramel, so I chopped up a few pieces.
I gave the kids individual bowls of dough to mix in their ingredients!
Marc finished his batch first. Butterscotch chips, pecans and walnuts!
Then he started eating Reese's chips!

Corrinne's version of thumbprint cookies, and Carter's mix
of semi-sweet chips and chopped caramel.

My mix of dark chocolate, heath bar chips and pecans.
 I had high hopes!

The kiddos with their finished plates and title cards for our
tasting challenge!

I wrote their descriptions on the inside of the place cards.

Marc: "Can I just eat mine?" Me: "Yes, honey, go ahead."

My cookies. Notice I held up my card like there was a description
in there aaaaannnnd I'd never gotten around to writing it. Go me!

Our fantastic "Make-your-own-cookie Challenge" Taste Tester, Anita!
Pretty much everyone got an award but me. Bummer.

After we dropped the kidlets off, we had a quiet house to
snuggle up and watch a movie in.

And Family Day turned into date night!


Erin said...

The make your own cookie is an awesome idea! It looks like you all had a ball :-) I have to say, though, I didn't notice anything amiss in the first two photos until I read the captions. Maybe it just looks too much like my house....The kitchen sure does. I can't say we've got a half-painted wall, but we also don't have kiddos jumping through the living room and that's what captured my attention. :-)

Missy Rose said...

Haha, thanks Erin! Yeah, the kitchen was full of kids' artwork, grocery bags that hadn't been unloaded, cleaning products and who knows what else - I just carved out a little spot for the mixer and forged on. Kinda the story of my life!


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