Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mrs. Fields' Chocolate Caramel Cookie with Sea Salt

A couple of weeks ago, Marc and I were at the mall and happened to walk by the Mrs. Fields' store. You wanna know what stopped me dead in my tracks?


And you can bet I had to have one! It was so yummy, and you can also bet I went home with a new cookie challenge! The next time I went to the store I stocked up on caramels and chocolate chips, and last night I set out on my task.

Start with your basic chocolate chip cookie recipe (on the back of
the chocolate chip package).

Unwrap some caramels and add water according to package
directions for melting.

Drop by teaspoon, and bake about 8 minutes per batch at 350.
Let set on cookie sheet for a minute or two, then transfer to cooling rack.

Good enough just as they are, but we have other plans!

While the caramel is melting on low, add chocolate to another
saucepan. I used about 3/4 c semi sweet chips and 3/4 of a
bar of dark Lindt chocolate bar. Melt on low as well.

Transfer cookies to wax paper and drizzle melted caramel on top.

Then chocolate!

Sprinkle with salt. Oh my goodness!

 And enjoy with a glass of milk! My cookies were a little different from Mrs. Fields', but I might be a little partial to mine. Hers were bigger, gooey-er and a little too sweet for my taste. Mine were a little smaller and crispier, and slightly saltier because I like to bake with part salted butter and part unsalted (even though all the "real" bakers tell you to use only unsalted). Also, if you undercook the cookies ever so slightly, and drizzle the caramel and chocolate before the cookies are cooled, I have a feeling you would keep everything on the chewy side. I think it's a matter of preference on that one - maybe my version was just a different version of yummy. Let me know how yours turn out!


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