Sunday, August 14, 2011

Coversations in the Car Vol. 10

It's been a little while since I've posted any conversations in the car, so here's the latest:

Last Friday, I was in the car with the littles, on our way to daycare. They were watching some episode of Super Mario Brothers on the portable DVD players strapped to the headrests of the front seats. It must have been an episode involving dinosaurs...

Alec: Momma, what's a dino-dork?

Me: Well, a dork is someone who isn't very cool. When you call someone a dork you usually don't like them or you think they are a (I stopped myself from using the term "nerd" because I figured he probably didn't know that one either) well - you don't think they're very cool.

Alec: Oh. Okay. *goes back to watching the show*

Alec: But what's a DINO-dork, Momma?

Me: Okay, a dino-dork is - well - it's I don't know...*trying to search for the right way to describe it*

Aidan: *straight faced, matter-of-factly without taking his eyes off the screen* Alec, a dino-dork is a dinosaur who isn't cool.

Alec: Oh.

Me: (Understanding I've officially been one-upped and knowing full well I can't top that explanation) There you have it, Alec! A dino-dork is apparently a dinosaur that isn't cool.


MS said...

Sometimes reasoning by 5 year olds trumps our own. Momma's a dino-dork!

Missy Rose said...

uh, yeah, momma is DEFINITELY a dino-dork!

Jax said...

Your convos in the car make me happy. That is all. I miss you and plan on stalking your blog more. :) XOXO!

Missy Rose said...

Thanks, Jackie! I stalk your blog for sure!


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