Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Keeping Up with the Joneses

Or not...

Do you ever feel like you just can't keep up with...anything? I do. I have an ever mounting list of unfinished projects, and the never ending daily to-dos and chores that make it next to impossible to finish them. Wanna know a few of the tasks on the lingering list?

The flower beds. Note the weeds, crispy flowers, and lack of mulch.

Painting the hallway bathroom. Needs a second coat, trim and switchplate covers painted.

Painting the livingroom, kitchen (which includes removing wallpaper), dining room...and well, everything else. It's all one big room.
Getting a coat of shellac on the dining room table and finishing the chairs.
Sewing window valences for the Bigs' rooms.
Finishing the two books I'm reading and starting on the others I've been eyeing. That Marylin book is going to take a long time, I'm afraid. I think it's longer than the Bible. Wait...where IS my Marylin book? Dangit!
On top of that, I'm not sure how I'm supposed to have time to work 40 hours a week, spend quality time with my kiddos and my man, exercise (yeah, that's pretty much fallen off the list completely), eat well, sleep, love my friends well, plan a wedding (do I have to??), save money, not spend money, plan meals, go to the grocery store, clean...yada yada yada.

Here's the CLEAN laundry waiting for me to fold it. At least I'm not airing my DIRTY laundry!
And library books from one of our not-so-recent adventures that desperately need to be returned.

Lately, I just don't feel like I'm keeping up with much of anything. I decided a long time ago that life wouldn't get in the way of my living, which I think is why I'm so determined to start things whether or not I know if I can finish them. Sometimes I do. Eventually I do. And sometimes I'm more motivated to do them than others. Sometimes I'm just lacking a little inspiration. Does it make me a slacker? Maybe. Does it make me a dreamer? Absolutely.

And though that pile of clean, wrinkled laundry drives my man CRAZY, I shall persevere and prioritize. I will keep dreaming, keep trying, and keep conquering one project at a time. Make that one part of a project at a time.

Tonight, first things first: cookies and milk. Don't worry, those are magical peanut butter cookies (with a little cocoa a la moi), so no sugar fixes for me (I will at LEAST stay committed to South Beach!).

Then, I'll tackle that pile of laundry, get the boys' backpacks ready for tomorrow, and snuggle up to my honey. I might just skip to snuggles though...we'll see!

tryin' to make honey over here,


MS said...

Love you and your not-so-perfect life!

Missy Rose said...

thanks M! it's perfect with you in it!


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