Friday, July 29, 2011



Something many of us think we'll miss out on once we're parents, once we're grown ups, once we have "real jobs," or mortgages, or an extra freshman fifteen on our hips that never left after freshman year.

Adventure. Freedom. Discovery. Free falling. Falling in love...

The truth is we have to fight for it, find it, accept it, look for it and embrace what is all around, waiting for us to explore.

Adventure is something we have to be ready and waiting for.

Adventure is
Playing "Hey Cow!" on the way to the water park,

finding, and watching gobs of fat caterpillars in your garden,

marching off the path at the park,

finding new ways to beat the heat,

roadtripping with your honey, without the munchkins,

flying kites even when there's no wind,

sneaking off to Vegas for concerts and...

exploring downtown Tulsa when Mod's is closed
(after you drove all the way down there before
checking the calendar...),

planting veggies for the first time and finding toads,

being swept away, surprised, and smitten,

fishing when you don't know how,

and veering off the highway on a routine trip to pick up the
littles from their dad's house.
Adventure is waiting.
On you.


Lesley said...

This looks like so much fun! I'll be finding my own adventure this weekend, thanks.

Missy Rose said...

ooh good! leave me a note and share what you discover! i'll be watching your blog to see what fun you find :).

Dianne said...

I miss playing Hey Cow!!

Missy Rose said...

Abby was always the funniest Hey Cow contestant, "hey! hey cow, hey!"


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